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Welcome to the Giga Tires Registration Site

Giga Tires is committed to providing you with products that are exceptionally safe. In the unlikely event of a safety-related recall, it is extremely important that we have your information to ensure prompt direct notification so that the tires are replaced immediately.

Register Your Tires by Completing the Following Form:

  1. Customer Information (this is the purchaser's name and address).
  2. Tire Information (enter the tire brand and the DOT number from the lower sidewall of each tire).
  3. Retailer Information (enter the date of purchase - name of e-retailer where you bought the tires will be auto-generated).

A) Customer Information

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B) Tire Information

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DOT Tire Identification Number(s)
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C) Retailer Information

Date of Sale:
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Thank you for registering your tire(s) online!
NOTE: Tire Indentification Number(s) Location
The tire identification number is located on one side of each tire. It is always just above the rim and preceded by the letters "DOT", as shown in the photo to the right.
Privacy Notice: We value your privacy. The information you provide will be used for recall purposes only.