Thanks for your choice in purchasing General tire(s).

General Tire is committed to providing you with a product that is exceptional and safe. In the unlikely event of a safety related recall, it is extremely important that General Tire has your tire purchaser information on file to assure prompt direct notification, so that your tires are replaced immediately.

When you purchased your tire(s), the tire dealer was required by Federal Law to provide you a tire registration form documenting complete DOT tire identification number(s) and selling dealer name/address.

Note: In order to register your tire(s) correctly online, you will need the completed registration form. If you were not provided a registration form, please return to the selling dealer and request a form to include the tire DOT tire identification number(s) and dealer name/address.

Registering Your Tires is as Easy as A-B-C!

  • A) Customer Information

    (Your customer name and address)
  • B) Tire Information

    (Tire brand, quantity of tires, DOT tire identification number(s))
  • C) Dealer Information

    (Selling tire dealer name, address, date of sale)

Please ensure all information entered is complete and accurate. If your information is inaccurate, your tires will not be registered, and you won't be notified in the unlikely event of a recall.



A) Customer Information

First Name: Last Name: Email:
State/Province: Zip Code:

B) Tire Information

Tire Brand: If Other:
(number of tires)
DOT Tire Identification Number(s)
(complete tire identification number - no spaces or dashes)

C) Dealer Information

Date of Sale:
 Select Date
(Format: mm/dd/yyyy; For example: 01/01/2020)
Dealer Name:
State/Province: Zip Code:
Privacy Notice: We value your privacy. The information you provide will be used for recall purposes only.