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CIMS "New" & "Improved" Electronic Tire Registration Portal

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CIMS Electronic Tire Registration Portal

 New Features:

 1.  DOT Accuracy Assist

 2.  Safety Recall Check

 3.  Register All Tire Brands Sold

 4.  History and Reporting

 5. Optional Field Entry


Annual Subscription

Join tens of thousands of tire dealers who utilize CIMS many methods to register tires for pennies per tire. Using CIMS All-Brand E-Tire Registration service to register tires ensures that every tire you sell can be registered immediately and your tire purchasers can be notified in the event of a safety related recall.

Single-outlet dealers register unlimited tires for the subscription cost as low as  $16.25/month ($195.00/annually).

Multi-Outlet Dealers  please call or email for PRICING DISCOUNT

1 855.444.5120






















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