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Single-outlet dealers register unlimited tires for the subscription cost as low as  $12.50/month ($150.00/annually).

Multi-Outlet Dealers please call or email for PRICING DISCOUNT

1 855.444.5120


CIMS has been providing National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) compliant tire registration & recall services and various tire registration methods for nearly 50 years to manufacturers/importers, brand owners, tire dealers, distributors and automobile dealerships.  CIMS is ‘the’ legally contracted designee for tire manufacturers/importers, brand owners and tire dealers.

CIMS owns and operates the CIMS All-Brand Tire Registration Clearing House. For nearly 50 years this original clearing house has provided a cost effective centralized location for tire dealers to register any tire brand sold. CIMS offers our clients the comfort of knowing that they are dealing with a stable company whose only business is tire registration.

Privacy and Security

Federal Law restricts tire purchaser information provided to be used for tire recall purposes only. Personal information provided to us by dealer will not be used or shared with a third party agency or used for commercial marketing. All information entered on this website is considered private and will not be distributed or copied for other than tire recall purposes.

CIMS utilizes industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to provide protection from message tampering or interception to ensure secure data transmission.

Annual Subscription

Join tens of thousands of tire dealers who utilize CIMS many methods to register tires for pennies per tire. Using CIMS All-Brand E-TireRegistration service to register tires ensures that every tire you sell will be registered immediately and your tire purchasers can be notified in the event of a safety related recall.

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Single-outlet dealers register unlimited  tires from $12.50/month ($150.00/annually).

Multi-outlet Dealers please call or email for

1 855.444.5120






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